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​​What's a Moss Ball?

In general, "moss balls" are made by wrapping plant roots in a round sphere with soil, attaching plants around it, and fixing them with string. It is popular these days and is displayed as part of interior decoration.

History of Moss Ball

The history of the moss ball is that it was created by applying a technique called "root washing" used in bonsai. It was created to make bonsai more accessible and enjoyable. Bonsai originated in China, where it is called "bonsai" and is an important part of culture with a history of over 2,000 years. It was introduced to Japan around the Heian to Kamakura periods. Bonsai, with trees and flowers attached to stones, is now highly regarded as an art form and has become popular overseas as well, through its connection to the scenery of Japanese shrines and temples.

By using keto soil and wrapping moss around the outside of the pot with thread, it is possible to make a simple moss ball that does not need a pot. The finished moss ball can be placed on a seasonal container or plate.


Flower Office HANAKOBO Original

「生命花手毬」"Life Hana Temari"

Moss Ball Lesson

What’s「生命花手毬」”Life Hana Temari" ?

It's a ball of moss made of 「組紐」

”kumihimo"/"gathered threads", which reminds us of the traditions of Kyoto,「苔」"moss" from the gardens of shrines and temples, and a round ball of soil that gives us a sense of nostalgia and healing.

It is recommended by HANAKOBO as a part of 「花育」"hanaiku" to let people feel the joy of growing plants and the importance of life.


We also recommend that you take home a handmade souvenir as a unique service.


HANAKOBO already offers lessons, and the handmade experience is especially popular among tourists.


This is an original product of HANAKOBO and has been registered as a trademark.

Moss Ball Lesson Scenery

We offer "moss ball" lessons that students on school excursions and tourists can feel the essence of Kyoto.

We also offer on-site lessons, example for parents of local elementary schools.

The picture shows image of some lessons.


In the past, inbound tourists demand was centered on "Goods Consumption" as represented by the term "Explosive Buying". However, the wave of tourism to Japan has run its course, and in recent years, the trend of inbound tourists demand has shifted from shopping to "Experiential Consumption", such as learning about ancient Japanese culture, example moss balls, bonsai, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, etc. 

Therefore, we have focused on moss balls, which are very popular among inbound tourists to Japan, and also offer our original「生命花手毬」”Life Hana Temari" moss ball lessons for foreign inbound tourists in line with the current situation of globalization.


​​Interviews with TV Stations and Magazines about 「生命花手毬」"Life Hana Temari"

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